Chill The F*!% out over the Google/Verizon Proposal

In the last week or so since Google and Verizon put out their proposed legislative framework for dealing with net neutrality almost everybody has completely freaked out. I’m all for fighting to keep the internet open but a lot of what I’ve been hearing over the last week has been simply a mess of FUD, irrational screaming, and dogma. Let’s take a look at a number of the complaints that I’ve heard recently that drive me nuts…

Introducing django-ae-utils

Recently I've started to play around with using Django on Google's new App Engine.  As mentioned by many others at this point, Django technically runs on App Engine but there are significant parts which do not.  Accordingly I've started to write some code to replace or supplement the holes left in Django by App Engine.  Since I figure this code may be of use to others I've released it as an open-source project called django-ae-utils (github mirror coming soon).

Google Launches App Engine

Google just launched a new platform called App Engine.  Basically it allows you to run your web application on Google's servers using much of their main infrastructure such as BigTable and GFS.  The best part is, you write App Engine apps in Python and they include Django out of the box!  Mike Arrington has a video of Guido Van Rossum talking at the launch event as well as a pretty good summary at TechCrunch.

It should be very interesting to see what this platform can do and how people will put it to use.