Installing and Running Django on a Mac - Part 2 - Install

This is a continuation of Part 1 - Getting Ready.

Let's just get into it.  Before you can run Django you will need to install several dependencies.  To do this I'm using MacPorts but it can be done just as easily using PortAuthority.  In PortAuthority just search for the package name, select the package in the results and click on the install button (the brown box thing).  With MacPorts open a terminal and run the command sudo port package_name.  Be aware that each of these will take a while to run while MacPorts downloads and compiles each package and its dependencies.

  • python25 - Python 2.5 (Django will run on any version of Python 2.3 or newer, I personally like 2.5)

  • openssl - Handles encryption between python and the database server.

  • py25-setuptools - Setup tools for Python 2.5

  • postgresql81 postgresql81-server - My database of choice.  Obviously install the database that makes sense for you.

  • py-psycopg2 - Python interface for postgres.  Additionally py-psycopg2 will install two dependencies, PortAuthority/MacPorts will take care of

  • subversion - Django doesn't need SVN to run but SVN is the easiest way to get the latest version of Django.